Berichte Bericht 4685a (Ereignis 4685-2022)

Dieser Bericht wurde mit folgendem Ereignis in Zusammenhang gebracht: Ereignis 4685-2022
NameLinda B
BemerkungenNear the back of my house, you can usually have a fantastic view of the stars/sky. Anytime I'm outside I am always looking up at them. That night was a bizarre night for the weather. There was a bit of sheet lightning and I love to watch that so my eyes were even more focused on the sky that particular night of Aug 1, 2022. I happened to be facing in a direction I don't normally face when I'm outside at night ( I was standing about 15-20 feet approx. to the left of my shed at the end of my house facing in the direction of my neighbor's backyard area because my son was in the shed that night so I was listening to him talk but my eye was constantly looking up and around at the beautiful night sky) Both my son and I had been out there already for well over an hour because he was helping me water the outside plants and that's when I had initially noticed that there was sheet lightning that night. So while my son was in the shed and I was still looking up at the sky to see the sheets of lightning flash here and there that's when I just happen to be looking up at the sky just above this big tree that is direct to the right of the old chicken coop in our back yard when i saw it, clear as day, without a doubt, a Big Fireball just suddenly appears in the sky right above the big tree i was looking towards right at that specific moment. I have seen lots of meteors & shooting stars in my lifetime, but this was definitely a fireball. It happened so fast as it appeared and then disappeared out of site. I was so excited at that moment that I looked at my son with my eyes So wide and said. Holy Crap, I just saw a Fireball..a BIG Fireball!!!I was SO Excited to have seen this. It was the first time!! It was big though where it concerned me after it disappeared and I had looked in the direction it was going, thinking to myself, "OH NO....I Really Hope that thing doesn't Hit anything and cause a fire" wondering at the same time where it would hit as it was pointing in the wooded area behind the elementary school across the street from me ( Coldstream Elementary I was SO Thrilled to have seen it & it seemed so close to me that it Scared me too and it would've been awesome to have had video footage but it's weird I haven't read anything about anyone else seeing it as well?? But I know what I saw and exactly where I was standing and where it appeared (sorry, but it would be much easier to show you in person than it was to try and explain the direction in the questions you had asked.) The sky was beautiful that night..Lots going between the sheet lightning and the fireball it was an amazing life experience for me!! Oh, AND about 30 min After the Fireball, I saw what appeared to be a shooting star. BUT..instead of it shooting from the sky down..This one came from just above me and straight ahead of me if that makes any sense?? It was like watching a star shoot directly 'Sideways' across the sky?? Never, have I witnessed a star do that before?? You know I was sti
Adresse, British Columbia (CA)
Geographische Breite50° 13' 27,46'' N (50,22°)
Geographische Länge 119° 13' 59,92'' W (-119,23°)
Uhrzeit und Dauer
Datum & Uhrzeit (Ortszeit)01.08.2022 00:00 PDT
Datum & Uhrzeit (UT)01.08.2022 07:00 UT
BewegungsrichtungVon links oben nach rechts unten
Blickrichtung Azimut92°
Beginn Azimut81°
Beginn Höhe44°
Ende Azimut113°
Ende Höhe36°
Helligkeit und Farbe
FarbeOrange, Red, Brown
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